DBI launches a member’s endorsement identity

Design Business Ireland is the national professional organisation that promotes and strengthens the design sector in Ireland by bringing together Business, Education, Government and Design. DBI helps create conditions where professional excellence can flourish and where mutually beneficial partnerships are nurtured between the design community, its clients and stakeholders.

As part of its commitment to playing a pivotal role in the development of the Design Industry in Ireland Design Business Ireland has launched a Members Endorsement Identity.


DBI recommends that members use this visual device on stationery, websites, email and other collateral including Tender Response Documents. It is a marque that will add credibility and over time, as we increasingly communicate the benefits that clients can achieve by appointing DBI members, its use will deliver tangible benefits to members of DBI. Its widespread use will communicate our collective belief that good design is effective – it delivers a positive return on investment.

Against a backdrop where significant design projects are being commissioned from overseas design practices by both the state and private sector it is also becoming essential to communicate that Design Business Ireland members are as proficient, dependable and creative as their overseas counterparts and are committed to improving their professional standing. Members who are active on overseas markets will find that membership of recognised professional organisations is often expected and always respected.

Through the use of the endorsement identity DBI intends:
• To considerably increase the visibility of DBI through the use of the mark on member’s stationery, websites, emails and other collateral and on tender documents;
• To provide, by increasing the organisation’s visibility, a platform for Design Business Ireland to promote the aims of the organisation and its members;
• To identify to the client community (over time as recognition grows) that DBI members are skilled, dependable professionals who adhere to industry standards;
• To create recognition and encourage collaboration between member companies as a result of mutual respect between members;
• To encourage design companies that are not currently members to join and help create a stronger DBI capable of helping members face the challenges of the current economic climate;
• To clearly identify design companies who, through membership of their industry’s professional organisation, are focussed, involved, active and who aspire towards the highest professional standards.

The Members Endorsement Identity is in two forms: Chartered Member and Associate Member, to reflect the two membership categories in the organisation. Chartered membership is available to design practices who have been members of DBI for more than a year and Associate membership is available for design companies wishing to join DBI.

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