World Design Capital 2014 – ‘Building the Groundswell for Pivot Dublin’

Dublin is now shortlisted for designation as World Design Capital 2014. As the tension-filled days passed, and the bids were submitted, the organisers announced that over 50 cities had expressed interest – now our city is one of just three left in the race.

The prize is an important one. Becoming World Design Capital in 2014 would not simply change the design sector for ever … or the Creative Sector … it would change Dublin City forever and help make it more liveable, lively and interesting (as well as more manageable).

Winning designation as World Design Capital 2014 will change things for the better – for everyone … and everyone can help. Below are two images – it would be very helpful if you could put one of them on your organization or company webpage with a back-link to

And it would be even more beneficial if you could send them to each of your members / friends / followers with your request that they also support the Pivot Dublin effort by putting a Pivot Dublin image on their sites (with the same back-link) too. And please use them on your emails too!

This would be an effective component of ‘Building the Groundswell for Pivot Dublin’ at this important time. There is plenty left to do if we are to turn a short-listing into a triumph!


  1. Scorched earth says:

    Dublin World Design Capital 2014? Is Dublin a capital that uses design?