Dublin on WDC 2014 shortlist

The news that Dublin is one of the three cities short-listed for designation as World Design Capital 2014 is welcomed by the representative bodies of the Irish Creative Sector. Although certain of the irrefutable power of the Pivot Dublin bid there has been a period of nail-biting tension for members of the Irish Creative Community as the days ‘clicked’ closer to the announcement. Now it is official – Dublin joins Cape Town and Bilbao on the shortlist. One of these cities will be designated World Design Capital 2014 in October.

To be included on the shortlist is a milestone for Dublin City – and there is now a window of opportunity for Dublin to show the ‘WDC decision-makers’ that Dublin is the one! The selection committee will visit the three listed cities in the next few weeks – prior to reaching a final decision on which city will be designated World Design Capital 2014. It is all to play for.

The Irish Creative Industries can help lead our economy back towards growth, can put our people back to work and can tell an uplifting story of Ireland and of the creative skills and abilities of its people. Being shortlisted in this very important competition provides a significant step forward on that road. Well done to Ali Grehan, Owen O’Doherty, Bob Gray (Red & Grey Design), Emma Curley (Emma Curley Architecture, Urban Design, Facilitation), Tom Burke and Shane Hogan (Areaman Productions), Dr. Linda King (IADT) and Henrietta McKervey who deserve unreserved congratulations for taking the Dublin bid this far.

Garrett Stokes, Chairperson at Design Business Ireland [DBI]
Eddie Shanahan, Chairperson at Council of Irish Fashion Designers [CIFD]
Seamus Byrne, Interaction Design Association [IxDA]
Sarah Brown, President, Interiors Association [iA]
Elaine McDevitt, Operations Director, Institute of Creative Advertising & Design [ICAD]
Carol Coffey, President of Institute of designers [IDI]

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