World Design Capital Bid Resources – Pivot Dublin

Dublin City Council has published a Request for Tender for those interested in bidding to provide ‘bid support’ to DCC for the Official Pivot Dublin Bid to achieve designation as World Design Capital 2014.

Those intending to respond to DCCs Request for Tender may find the following links useful. I will continuously update this information as relevant material is published.

2014: DUBLIN:
Official Bid Website
Pivot Dublin Press release here.
Original Dublin City Council document from April 2010 here.

2014: CAPE TOWN:
Official Cape Town Bid Site
Cape Town FAQ
Cape Town Businesses in Support of Bid
Andrew Boraine’s perspective
Showcase for the South African creative industry
Cape Town on youtube

2014: BILBAO:
Comment on Bilbao Bid

2014: BEIJING:
According to the statistics from Beijing Statistics Bureau, Beijing at present has 20,000 various design companies and enterprises with 250,000 employees, and also has 112 design institutes and colleges with over 30,000 students! This creative city is drawing a creative workforce, what better example than Oliver Boulay, the chief designer of Mercedes-Benz, who moved to Beijing in April 2009 and has established the Mercedes-Benz Beijing Design Centre. ICOGRADA’s 2009 World Design Congress was held in Beijing. Chinese concept and design magazine is here.

Helsinki was successful in its bid for designation as World Design Capital (WDC) 2012, their bid document is here.
The Helsinki WDC 2012 website is here.
This is also useful.

Eindhoven was the only other city to be shortlisted for WDC 2012, the bid document is here.
Blog Comment on Eindhoven

Nottingham’s 2012 bid is here
Dexiner Comment on Bid Support Consultancy
BBC article about Nottingham bid
Another look at a Nottingham brand for their bid

2010: SEOUL
Seoul is WDC 2010. The South Korean capital was the WDC first city chosen through competition. Their WDC website is here. Other useful sites are here, and here and here… and the Business Week review entitled “The Seoul of World Design” is here.

Creative Cities attract Creative Talent: General Motors has established its Advanced Design Studio in Seoul where there are now 30 designers at the studio doing interior and exterior design for GM’s mini and small vehicles.

2008: TURIN
Turin was WDC 2008. It was chosen by Icsid in order to test/demonstrate the viability of the WDC concept. The Turin website is here.

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