New ICAD Board elected …

The Institute of Creative Advertising & Design [ICAD] 2010/2011 board members elected at the recent AGM are:

Pearse McCaughey, Cawley Nea | TBWA (ICAD President)
Ciara Cantwell, Associate
Fiona Kinsella, Jumper Productions
Ian McFarlane, ICAN
Keith Walsh, Chemistry
Iain Slater, Slater (Northern Ireland Representative)

Pearse McCaughey is no stranger to the ICAD Board having previously served in the mid 1990s. He occupies the role of Group Creative Director at Cawley Nea | TBWA. Iain Slater is the sole remaining member from last year’s board.

There was some disquiet expressed by the members at the AGM at the small number of members who attended, and Elaine McDevitt (ICAD operations director) undertook to address the issue by issuing an invitation to members to engage directly with their board and share ideas and suggestions.

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