Art Directors Club of Europe: Call for Entries 2010

The Best of European Design and Advertising

Deadline: 4 June

This will be the 19th Edition of the Art Directors Club of Europe Awards – held annually in Barcelona. The judging takes place over the 9th and 10th July and the Awards are presented at a celebration event on the evening of the 10th. For those lucky enough to be among the 60 – 70 judges this is a great opportunity to review the best of European Advertising and Design from the last year while also rubbing shoulders with counterparts from all member countries. It is a bit ‘old’ school in format but it is a great event to participate in. Entry used to be restricted to the National Creative Clubs (in Ireland’s case this was ICAD) but it is now also possible for individuals to submit their own work. ICAD has dropped its membership so it no longer sends its winning work to be judged nor its brightest creatives to do the judging. If you think your creative/design output is as good as the Best in Europe – prove it … by entering and winning an ADCoE Star.

Venue: ADCE offices, FAD Building, Barcelona

You can get full information from the (excellent) ADCoE administrator / project manager Mercè Segú, at telephone: + 34 934 437 520 or by email at:

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