The next six months in Seoul (calendar of 82 events)

July 2010 (14 events):
International Young Designers Workshop
Seoul Youth Creativity Summit & Festival (until August)
“Children and Parents Joining Together” Design Workshop (until August)
Project of Local Community Artist Development (until August)
Hanstyle Expo 2010
Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (July 21-25)
Seoul Character & Licensing Fair 2010
Design Exhibition at Kumho Museum
Design Exhibition at Doosung paper gallery
Golden Eyes international Art Fair
MBC Architecture Fair
Package Design Summer Camp
SICAF Promotion Plan 2010 (SPP) (July 21-23)
Seoul International e-Sports Festival (July 23-25)

August 2010 (6 events):
8th Samwon Scholarship Foundation Awardees Design Exhibition (August 16-30)
17th Design Competition for the Youth
Korea Art Summer Festival
KODDCO 2010 (Korea Digital Design International Online Competition – until November)
Xi Design Fiesta
Seoul Brand Furniture Fair (August 20-25)
Korea International Furniture & Interior Fair

September 2010 (19 events):
6th Seoul International Media Art Biennale (until November)
7th QMON Design Ground (September 15th – December 30th)
Korea International Art Fair 2010 (September 08-12)
Seoul International Contemporary Art Festival 2010
International Creative Content Fair 2010
Special Exhibition – Gyeonghuigung Palace (September 17th – October 31st)
Good Design Selection 2010
Seoul Digital Culture Open 2010
Tokyo TDC Seoul Exhibition (Tokyo Type Directors Club – until October)
Cutting Edge Best Digital Designers Invitational Exhibition
College Fashion Week
Dongdaemun Fashion Festival 2010 (September 15-22 – TBD)
Korea Textile Trade Fair
Korean Crafts Council Exhibition
Seoul Gift Show 2010
Seoul Drum Festival 2010
Riverside Cafe Festival
Hangang Performing Artist Project (until October)
Seoul e-Culture Festival 2010 (September 29)

October 2010 (25 events):
Seoul Design Olympiad 2010 (October 8-31)
Haechi Festival
“Seoul, I Design” Public Design Competition 2010
International Design House Exhibition (October 8-31)
Seoul Design Market 2010 (October 8-31)
WDC Convocation Ceremony (October 30-31)
Seoul Design Studio Design Company Exhibition
Korea Space Design Festival 2010
Seoul Fashion Week 2010 (Autumn edition)
Visiting Fashion Show 2010
Design MADE
Playgrounds With Culture (Autumn edition)
Hangeul Font Type Design Competition
POSCO Steel Art Award
Steel Design Competition
PIN UP Design Awards 2010
Korea Architecture Fair & Festival 2010
International Lighting Fair 2010
Seoul International Toy Fair 2010
Designtag Online Shop
Saemungil Festival (October 16-21)
Hangang Children’s Drawing Contest
Itaewon Global Village Festival
Seoul Metro Vintage Show
Seoul International Performance Festival 2010 – SIPF 2010

November 2010 (9 events):
International Exhibition of Professional Artists 2010
VIDAK Annual Members Exhibition (Visual Information Design Association of Korea)
KOSIGN 2010 – Korea International Sign & Design Show (November 11-14)
Korea Package Design Competition
Korea Interior Design Contest
Public Design Expo 2010
Post-Professional School of Architecture, Korea Institute of Architects
Home & Table Deco Fair
Korea Society of Design Science Conference 2010 (Autumn edition)

December 2010 (9 events):
Design Korea 2010 (TBD)
Seoul Design Festival 2010 (December 7-11)
Seoul Ice Carving Festival 2010
Korea Invention Patent Exhibition
2010 Trademark – Design Right Exhibition
Siggraph Asia 2010 (December 15-18)
Creative Designers Award
Seoul International New Art Fair
Design Yearbook “Creatio”

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