Pivot Dublin – World Design Capital (WDC) LinkedIn Discussion Group is now an open group – join now and contribute to Dublin’s future as a Design Capital

Design plays an important role in society. For the first time in human history, the world’s population is now mostly urban. Designers (employing ‘design-thinking’ across a wide range of problem-solving disciplines) are leading the development of new products, services and processes that enhance and enrich the lives of city dwellers. Design and Innovation are inextricably linked and are fundamental to making cities more competitive, attractive, liveable and efficient.

Dublin City Council has submitted its bid to have Dublin designated as World Design Capital (WDC) 2014. DCC called their bid ‘Pivot Dublin’ ( www.pivotdublin.com ). The matter is now in the hands of the WDC Organising Committee. WDC organisers have disclosed that in excess of 50 cities worldwide expressed interest in the 2014 designation.

Like the Dublin WDC submission the Pivot Dublin World Design Capital (WDC) Discussion Group was never just about the WDC 2014 Bid and was not concerned with a single year of activity – it is about something much more lasting, much more fundamental to the citizens of Dublin in the long term, much more significant in people’s daily lives.

The thought-provoking and farsighted vision of the World Design Capital project is “to promote and encourage the use of design to further the social, economic and cultural development of the world’s cities. The designation provides a distinctive opportunity for cities to showcase their accomplishments in attracting and promoting innovative design, as well as highlight successes in urban revitalisation strategies.” http://www.worlddesigncapital.com/

The LinkedIn Group is open and your ideas, thoughts and suggestions are very welcome.
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