Where are the Irish?

We are well known absentees when it comes to participating in International Creative/Innovation events, symposia, meetings and awards. Examples are easy to identify – there were no Irish representatives in Seoul for the World Design Capital Congress in February at which the intending bidders for the WDC designation in 2014 met those who would decide on who would receive that designation … When more than 75 experts adopted a Declaration during a two-day workshop held in Amsterdam urging regions, Member States and the European Commission to follow a more strategic European approach in support of innovation in creative industries we were, once again, absent – this meeting informed the EC in the preparation of its Green Paper on the Cultural and Creative Industries. If we wonder from time to time why the Irish Creative Industry is peripheral – perhaps it is because we indulge ourselves in our role as ‘outsider’, and remain absent from decision making events – to the detriment of our creative sector.


The deadline for the DME Award 2010 competition has been extended till October 8th, 2010. – just under a month for intending competitors to complete registration and prepare presentation posters to take part in the 2010 edition of the prestigious DME Award!

‘Oscars for design management’
Recognition by the DME Award Jury demonstrates leadership in innovation, implementing change and excellence in (design) management. The award has already been referred to as the ‘Oscars for design management’. Each year the nominees and winners receive official recognition for their successful design management before a distinguished international audience at the award ceremony, this year to be held in Lisbon (Portugal) on the 10th of December. They will also be presented in an exhibition and in a book of winners showcasing their excellence to both the public and the media. In this respect, the DME Award is an excellent PR & Marketing instrument to communicate quality and competitiveness not only to a broad audience, but also to customers, clients and stakeholders, as well as internally to staff.

The DME organiser is based in Portugal, posters, jury and award ceremony are handled in Portugal, registration is handled in Holland, there are national contacts in Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK, (not to mention the technical officer in Wales!).

But where are the Irish?

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