Spring 2011 – Vilnius design week: 9-13 May ICOGRADA in partnership with Ministry of Culture and Lithuanian Graphic Design Association (LGDA)

Russell Kennedy, Icograda President 2009-2011 says: “Through the theme of ‘Spring’, Icograda Design Week in Vilnius 2011 explores design as a powerful process that transitions ideas into functional realities. Participants will examine design as a basis for development – a tool that can be used to advance the best interests of humanity and the ecology. Icograda regards the Icograda Design Week in Vilnius 2011 as an opportunity to strengthen and develop existing relationships and create new partnerships with key stakeholders and decision makers driving the global agenda.”

Speakers include Paul Hughes who … (according to his CV) … “left the rolling green hills of his native Ireland, shortly after completing his studies in Visual Communication, and arrived in the distinctive flat planes of the Netherlands”…

Paul Hughes is based in Amsterdam where he is a strategic director and partner of Lava, the creative strategic design agency recently awarded European Design Agency of the Year 2010.

Since 2005 he has consulted with Design Machine in New York, a strategic brand building company run by Alexander Gelman, who has been called one of the ‘world’s most famous modern and contemporary artists in all media.’ Hughes is an active coach to people who interact with, or act within, what Social Scientist Richard Florida calls the Creative Class – on an individual and team level. Hughes is also a speaker and trainer on the subject of Unpacking the Creative Process exploring the idea that creative processes need not be haphazard or questionable procedures; rather, creativity can become deliberate and effective procedures.

Additionally, Hughes speaks on the subject of what makes Dutch Design so unique. He believes that it is not individual designers nor their productions that makes Dutch Design unique but rather it is the connections between them (Irish creatives take note).

Icograda: The International Council of Graphic Design Associations is the world body for professional communication design. Founded in 1963, it is a voluntary assembly of organisations concerned with graphic design, visual communication, design management, promotion, education, research and journalism. Icograda promotes communication designers’ vital role in society and commerce.

LGDA: Lithuanian Graphic Design Association was founded in 1996 by graphic design enthusiasts. It is an independent non-profit organisation formed through the cooperation of professional visual design creators. LGDA strives to promote design as a profession, stands for designers’ interests in government institutions, showcases designers’ creative activities and facilitates the activities of other miscellaneous organisations participating in design process.

Vilnius, located in southeastern Lithuania is the capital city, has a population of 560,000 and is well known for its architecture, eclectic culture and artistic spirit.

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