“No pre-contract strategic proposal or visual concept should leave your building without its barcode”

We, on the professional creative side of the fence, know the value of our work. Professional clients know it too and respect the value of our creative input into their success … mutual respect for the creative process safeguards its integrity and value – and our livelihoods.

Most clients are, like most designers, decent professional people. But most creatives have suffered at one time or another from an unscrupulous client who wants us to work without payment. Sometimes they just ask for a free pitch (from 5 or 10 or more designers) and sometimes they simply take an idea as presented and ‘make’ it their own. It’s too late to protect yourself at the point at which the client has walked away with your ideas, concepts, Documents/proposals, Concept visuals, Video, Film, Photographic images Illustrations – but what if you could ‘register’ your work before you submit it?

Creative Barcode is an ‘Open-Protection’ system designed to uphold the value of knowledge & creativity in the innovation process. It is an affordable, safe disclosure and Intellectual Property management system for creative industries and brand owners worldwide. As they say themselves “Just barcode it and share it. No pre-contract strategic proposal or visual concept should leave your building without its barcode”.

Barcodes can be applied to visuals, jpegs, video, film, illustrations and other imagery published on your own or others web sites to denote that permission based usage is required and for security Creative Barcode users can send their files through a secure file tracking service which is built into the App. When the file recipient receives your email they ‘check box’ agree to the Creative Barcode Trust Charter before they download your files. This agreement states that your work may not be commercialised without your permission.

Creative Barcode IP Review Release

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